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HDG is part of an extensive and close-knit surveyor network, with international departments and strong connections to experienced surveyors worldwide.

Claim handling

  • 24/7 there for  you
  • Strong international network for surveys worldwide 
  • International department with in-house qualified surveyors

International reports of exceptional clarity.

Within a few hours our international claims department can have an experienced surveyor ready to inspect your cargo at any fruit reception point worldwide. 

We have implemented an exceptionally smart digital system to guide the surveyor, to ensure high-quality outcomes and reports that meet all international standards.

We are the best partner for finding and guiding any international surveyor.

We are team of 50 dedicated fruit controllers and surveyors. We have a strong and independent network, built up during our 40 years of experience in fruit and perishables.

The most trusted party to handle any fruit claim in single or joint surveys.

Any time, any place

We understand that time is of the essence. Our international claims department is fully focused on international fruit cargo surveys. We continuously invest in our network of fruit surveyors and can quickly find the most experienced people for you worldwide. 

A clear report that meets all international standards, to fully protect your interest.

Mariska Ros

International Claim Handling

"My daily challenge is to not only finding the best international surveyor, but also guiding the surveyor to form a substantial response for my client. We know what the surveyor should take into account for every fruit type, variety or exporter, and we have set up an intuitive app to guide him through all of these facts. 

We collect his findings and set up a report that meets the highest standards. It goes beyond a factsheet. We come as close as possible to revealing the complete story of our client’s shipment, to fully protect their cargo rights."