Finance Manager

Actively recruiting

We are looking for a Finance Manager for HDG Survey Group. Together with your team, you are responsible from A-Z for the financial administration of the HDG operating companies. From a financial point of view, you are the point of contact and sparring partner of the management. You also determine the strategy for the organization and processing of financial data in HDG's financial administration.


Actively recruiting

In addition to the daily work as a damage expert, you will focus on broadening knowledge in relation to post-harvest treatment, transport and storage of fruit and vegetables. This new position within the company offers the opportunity to grow into a management position. You will therefore support the management of the entire company from the start.

(Junior) Quality Inspector

Actively recruiting

As a quality inspector your are responsible of the independent determination of the quality of fruit and vegetables, including recognizing the damage. You will also independently write quality reports to our clients (importers and exporters) and advise them on potential post-harvest issues. In such manner, you will be functioning as a source of information in the field of vegetables, fruit, transport and storage.