HDG Survey Group

Stronger together, better together

The HDG Survey Group is an international group of companies based in the Netherlands, Germany and Spain. Together with our worldwide partner network, we help companies with their quality management of fruits and vegetables.

We provide our clients with an integrated service package consisting of quality  inspections, surveys, inspection software and training.

HDG Survey Group

Stronger together, better together

The HDG Survey Group is an international group of companies based in the Netherlands, Germany and Spain. Together with our worldwide partner network, we relieve companies all over the world in their fresh fruit and vegetable product quality management.

We do this with an integrated service package of quality inspections, surveys, inspection software and training.

Our experience

40 years of excellence

HDG Survey Group was established in 2020, but our history goes back to 1981. In that year HDG The Fruit Consultants (Rotterdam) was founded, now part of the HDG Survey Group. Today, in addition to HDG The Fruit Consultants, the group consists of HDG Ibérica, Fruitify Experts, HDG Germany, Agri Software and HDG Academy.

For surveys, anywhere in the world, we can call on our international network of local (quality) inspectors and surveyors.

Our ambition

Simply be the best

Our ambition is as simple as it is great: we want to be the best in the market. To make that possible, we need to exceed expectations. Again and again. In doing so, we rely on our close-knit team of more than 75 experts and dedicated professionals. Their expertise and years of practical experience is used daily in the best interest of the importer, exporter or insurer.

HDG The Fruit Consultants and Fruitify experts are officially registered with the Dutch Institute of Registered Surveyors (NIVRE), which monitors the quality of their work.

Our approach


Our companies stand for a perfectionist approach and high-quality service, coupled with an honest, reliable and loyal work attitude. We combine this with a lot of knowledge and experience. The synergy that arises from the integral collaboration within HDG Survey Group offers our customers extra added value. We are curious and ask questions. Regularly this leads to interesting innovations. Our employees are given every opportunity to broaden their knowledge and to propagate their passion for the profession. This also ensures that we continuously evaluate and improve our business operations. And our customers notice that every day.

HDG The Fruit Consultants is specialized in the unique combination of quality control, surveys and claim handling of fruit and vegetables. Founded in 1981, based in Rotterdam overlooking the port of Rotterdam, the company works internationally for importers, exporters and the insurance industry. HDG The Fruit Consultants combines high-quality service with integrity, reliability, loyalty and knowledge. A guarantee for optimal customer satisfaction. Our higher goal is being the specialist in perishable goods on the market.

HDG Ibérica was founded in 2007 in Valencia to work as close as possible to Spanish producers and to facilitate quality control. HDG Ibérica now also works internationally, thanks to its integration into the HDG Survey Group.

Through years of experience with quality controls and research into fruit and vegetables, HDG Ibérica continues to build on its services.

The quality control of fruit and vegetables is the core business of Fruitify Experts. They also conduct surveys. The company was founded in 2012 and has since grown into a full-fledged player in the world of fruit and vegetables expertise.

Fruitify Experts is located in Ridderkerk, in the heart of the Dutch Fresh Port. The company acts as the eyes of the customer, whether that is a manufacturer, importer or retailer.

Founded in 2017, HDG Germany provides customers with the best quality control of fruits and vegetables.

Extensive product knowledge and the expertise of fellow operating companies within HDG Survey Group are combined in a branch in Hamburg, Germany’s largest port. HDG Germany offers high-quality service in the growing North German market.

Agri Software specializes in the development of software for quality inspections of fruit and vegetables. The company, founded in 2021, helps inspectors use their time efficiently and uses QC4U, a smart app for quality inspection of fruit and vegetables, to indicate that the product meets the quality requirements. Agri Software works with future-proof and fully integrated tools for optimal quality checks and claims handling of fruit and vegetables.

QC4U was developed for HDG The Fruit Consultants and used exclusively by HDG The Fruit Consultants and Fruitify Experts until 2015. After the decision to make QC4U available to third parties, Agri Software was founded. QC4U simplifies the user's way of working and seamlessly converts all input into usable "Big Data".

The HDG Academy is the newest organisation within the HDG Survey Group. Founded in 2022, its aim is to share knowledge on quality controls of fruit and vegetables via specially designed teaching programs. These courses and trainings have been carefully compiled based on the knowledge gathered over the past 40 years. They are for employees and customers.

By stimulating learning experiences and increasing knowledge, there is continuous opportunity to learn and improve. The HDG Academy embodies expertise and strives to become the best educational player in the market by continuously developing curricula. Always responsive to the needs of both the employee and the customer.

OTFLOW Flat 2020

OTFLOW improves the internal airflow of 40 ft refrigerated containers with a uniquely shaped and easy-to-install floor cover. 

With OTFLOW, cold air reaches all corners of the container, keeping the temperature equal from front to back (tested and proven by Wageningen Biobased Research Facility). Better airflow means maintaining the quality of products, less food waste and fewer financial losses.