When damaged perishable cargo is claimed we take care of it. We will: 

  • emphasize that a claim notification will be issued
  • make sure that joint survey together with a representative of the carrier is organized
  • perform thorough analyses
  • evaluate the nature of the damage, the extent, the possible cause and its consequences
  • give advice on transport procedures and damage prevention, if required
  • supervise the claim process, collect all necessary information and make sure that your rights and/or those of cargo underwriters are protected

Your benefits:

  • our specialized knowledge in the area of fruit and other perishable shipments
  • our analyses are professional, thorough and independent
  • you receive a detailed and final report including photographs and our evaluation of the claim based on our profound experience with produce and its markets
  • we organize additional technical and laboratory analyses and nautical surveys, if needed
  • high-quality outcomes
  • our reports have proven to be successful in recovery actions of claims against carriers and storage providers