International Surveyor Network

Over the past years we have been working with surveyors all over the world, gaining experience with these representatives, while staying independent in our choice of surveying company. In international claims, we usually act as a head surveyor, which is a coordinating surveyor who merges specialized knowledge and year-long experience with the fact-finding of the local surveyor. 

The port of Rotterdam is Europe’s hub for fruit imports, which gave us the opportunity to specialize in this field. At the same time containerization is a growing factor, which spreads damage locations all over the world. At these locations highly qualified and experienced cargo surveyors may lack specific fruit knowledge or experience with perishables. In order to improve our cooperation with these local surveyors we have established our subsidiary HDG International in Portugal. Since we coordinate numerous claims taking place worldwide simultaneously, we are able to keep an overview and create a link between different shipments and its causes of damage.

In case needed, we are happy to train local surveyors in our field of expertise. If necessary we also provide them with testing material to be able to conduct thorough analyses.