International Claim Handling

Over the past years we have built up an extensive network of international and independent surveyors. If your fruit or other perishables such as flower bulbs, meat or fish arrived damaged anywhere in the world, you simply need to provide us with the cargo location and receiver’s contact details and we get in touch with the local surveyor who will inspect the fruit according to our instructions. We will: 

  • supervise the claim process
  • collect all necessary information
  • make sure that your rights and/or those of cargo underwriters against carriers are protected

By supporting, assisting and providing the local surveyors with specific knowledge on perishables as well as on claim handling procedures we are able to ensure high-quality outcomes.

Your benefits:

  • saving stress and time by us taking care of the entire claim including all correspondence with the parties involved
  • receiving a detailed and final report including the information provided by the local surveyor in combination with our final evaluation of the damage and its circumstances
  • receiving reports on the same format from all locations worldwide
  • our specialized knowledge in the area of fruit and vegetable shipments
  • our reports have proven to be successful in recovery actions of claims against carriers and storage providers