Quality Control

Fruit and vegetables are sensitive. That is why we carry out quality controls with great care. We will: 

  • take a representative sample from the consignment and inspect it according to European standards 
  • inspect according to differences in pack/date/grower codes and size indications
  • measure various parameters, such as the flesh pressures, maturity, colour, brix readings, bruising, skin defects, decay and visible residues etc.
  • take detailed temperature measurements at relevant locations
  • investigate the stowage of the produce as transported
  • examine the container settings upon arrival
  • assign quality scores to the condition of the consignment and give indications of the stowage potential of the produce
  • report rapidly 

 Your benefits:

  • our specialized knowledge in the area of fruit and vegetable shipments 
  • our analyses are professional, thorough and independent 
  • receiving a detailed report guided with photographs shortly after inspection, but in any case within 24 hours 
  • strengthening your position in the import market by cooperating with an independent quality control company 
  • our ability to evaluate and analyze your fruit in comparison to the international market, due to the amount and variety of fruit and vegetable shipments inspected by us from all producing countries 
  • the size of our company; with the large amount of fruit inspectors we are able to be present every day at numerous locations within The Netherlands and Belgium