Posted on January 2, 2017

HDG-Germany expands its business with quality controls

HDG-Germany expands its activities with quality controls of fruit and vegetables in 2017. To date, the German office has been active in international claim handling. Considering the ever-growing North German market and economy the opportunity to unite extended product knowledge with being physically present in Hamburg will create a strong advantage for our clients.

Christian Eising and Christian Sass, two very experienced fruit experts, are a valuable addition to our German team. All data collected in different countries will join one database, which means that it's possible for each customer to analyze his own data in a simple manner. 

Posted on November 16, 2016

HDG the fruit consultants collaborates with Roamler: using crowdsourcing for quality checks

Roamler Retail Analytics is a smartphone community which uses crowdsourcing for retail audits. In collaboration with HDG the fruit consultants it offers quality audits of fruit and vegetables too. By comparing the results of quality audits done by consumers to HDG’s professional opinion, the current level of quality is very accurately approximated.

The Fruit and Veg-checker service is an unique initiative which gives the opportunity to discover and compare consumers experience all over Europe.

Read more (article in Dutch): 'Nieuwe kwaliteitscheck slaat brug tussen consument, experts en de productpresentatie'

Stijn Verstijnen en Christiaan Rijnhout
Posted on November 16, 2016

HDG the fruit consultants ran a workshop at ‘Day of the Supermarket’: How to optimize your Fruit and Vegetables Department?

Stijn Verstijnen, commercial director of HDG the fruit consultants, run a workshop on optimizing your fruit and vegetables department at 'Day of the Supermarket'. He reviewed a brand new solution in cooperation with Christiaan Rijnhout, Group Account Manager at Roamler, namely, using crowdsourcing for quality checks. The Day of the Supermarket is an inspirational event for both supermarket managers and entrepreneurs. More than a hundred participants pored over this year's theme of local marketing.

Dag van de Supermarkt