Posted on March 27, 2019

PathoScreen – scanner prototype against food waste. 

At HDG, we constantly explore new possibilities to make the world more sustainable. In the food industry, the amount of food that is wasted on a worldwide scale reaches to 1.3 billion tons per year, approximately a third of the total food production. Because of the previous, HDG joined the “GreenCHAINge" project three years ago. In collaboration with researchers from Wageningen University & Research lead by Dr. Theo van der Lee and Dr. Lydia Meesters, HDG evaluated a prototype of an innovative plant imaging platform that could be implemented in our quality control process, the PathoScreen. 

The PathoScreen is a camera system for imaging plants, fruits or vegetables using chlorophyll fluorescence, multispectral, color and detection of fluorescence related to plant cell damage. It provides a detailed, clear and high-quality image, that allows non-invasive, non-destructive and remote detection in fruits or vegetables.

When working on fruits or vegetables quality controls, a visual image may not be sufficient. Other factors such as ripeness and the presence of diseases are difficult to assess particularly in dark colored fruits. Additional aspects such as the amount of chlorophyll and efficiency of photosynthesis are vital when you want to predict the shelf life. Every fruit or vegetable contains chlorophyll that allows the plant to generate energy by photosynthesis. When fruits or vegetables mature, the amount of chlorophyll will decrease and also the efficiency of photosynthesis will decrease. The PathoScreen can accurately detect and quantify these parameters and detect not only maturity, but also decay and disease before it becomes visible. With this technology we can determine how healthy the fruit or vegetable is, predict its shelf life and also find out how mature it is.

PathoScreen provides us with the knowledge on what is important in order to predict the fruit's shelf life. This allows us to better inform our clients about the fruit or vegetable quality and improve logistics in the supply chain. This technology will provide us vital information to assist and advise our clients about the storage potential and presence of diseases in the near future. This overview will decrease food waste by creating optimal advises. The better we predict the fruit's shelf life, the less fruits and vegetables you will waste because of decay, thus improving the sustainability of your company.

In order to provide fast and accurate information to our clients we explore the potential of new technology to serve our customer needs. This innovative technology will provide crucial information to predict and take even more efficient and effective decisions. At HDG we continue to provide added value for our clients with the best services and innovations in the fruits and vegetables quality control process, and help them to reduce food waste and be more economical and sustainable.

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Posted on November 14, 2017

HDG the fruit consultants again ISO 9001 certified

HDG the fruit consultants extends its ISO 9001:2015 certification. HDG has been the first survey/quality inspection company in the fruit and vegetable sector in the Netherlands to be ISO 9001:2015 certified. 

The ISO 9001 certification assesses whether an organization meets the requirements of both customers and the organization itself, as well as laws and regulations applicable to the product. The various components of the certification are proper guidelines for establishing and setting up a Quality Management System.

The international standard focuses on indicating your actions and complying with that, continually asking for a burden of proof. HDG has adapted the ten chapters of the ISO 9001:2015 standard in their Quality Management System from the early stages on and were then classified by the DNV GL Group. 

With over fifty employees operating from all the Dutch fruit and vegetable branches and from establishments in Spain, Northern Germany and China, HDG is one of the major surveyors in fruits and vegetables. With our ISO 9001:2015 certification, HDG is looking forward to serve you even better.

HDG the fruit consultants ISO 9001 certified
Posted on April 7, 2017

Vacancy International Claims Coordinator

HDG | the fruit consultants is a well-respected survey and inspection company, with a global reach. Since 1981 we are partners of the fruit- as well as the insurance industry. HDG in association with network partners provide a specialist worldwide service for handling transportation and storage claims. We have offices in the Netherlands, Germany, Spain and China. 

Due to constant growth of our organization a new exciting opportunity has arisen for an:

International Claims Coordinator 

in our department International Claims. The successful applicant will manage and control the new and existing claims of our principals; the international underwriters of perishable cargo.

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