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40 years of HDG

1 - Aug - 2021

On 1 August, HDG The Fruit consultants celebrated its 40th anniversary. With founder and owner Otto de Groot - who handed over the daily management to Stijn Verstijnen and Rob Boogmans in 2016 - we look back on and ahead to the company that has experienced substantial growth, with the fixed constant that it has always been active from the Rotterdam Merwehaven area in the field of expertise and quality inspections of fruit and vegetables.

The  HDG team thanks Otto for all his dedication and leadership over the past 40 years. For a complete story regarding the 40 years existence of HDG visit

Stijn Verstijnen now Register Expert

15 June 2021

Stijn Verstijnen succesfully finished the course to become a NIVRE Register Expert

With Stijn Verstijnen becoming a NIVRE Register Expert, HDG secures the quality it provides to its customers for today and in the future.

Celebrating Yvonne's 12,5 years of employment

18 May 2021

Today we celebrate at HDG that Yvonne Meijer – van Aken is with the company for 12,5 years. 

We are happy that our dear colleague Yvonne is still working with us, already for 12,5 years now. As employee facility she keeps HDG operational in multiple ways. From making lunch to ordering office supplies and supporting administration. We are still very glad that Yvonne is working with us.

ISO Certification renewed

23 - Okt - 2020

HDG the fruit consultants extends its ISO 9001:2015 certification. HDG has been the first survey/quality inspection company in the fruit and vegetable sector in the Netherlands to be ISO 9001:2015 certified. 

The ISO 9001 certification assesses whether an organization meets the requirements of both customers and the organization itself, as well as laws and regulations applicable to the product. The various components of the certification are proper guidelines for establishing and setting up a Quality Management System.

Scanning against food waste

30 - Oct - 2019

In collaboration with researchers from Wageningen University & Research lead by Dr. Theo van der Lee and Dr. Lydia Meesters, HDG evaluated a prototype of an innovative plant imaging platform that could be implemented in our quality control process, the PathoScreen. 

The PathoScreen is a camera system for imaging plants, fruits or vegetables using chlorophyll fluorescence, multispectral, color and detection of fluorescence related to plant cell damage. It provides a detailed, clear and high-quality image, that allows non-invasive, non-destructive and remote detection in fruits or vegetables.