Posted on January 6, 2016

Happy new year. 
2016 is a special year for HDG – the fruit consultants. 

This year we celebrate HDG’s 35th anniversary. In 35 years HDG has become one of the leading fruit inspection and survey companies. There is more news; the founder and owner of the company – Otto de Groot – steps down as CEO. He proudly presents the new management team:

Rob Boogmans (General manager)
After a practical career at a fruit importer, Rob (NIVRE – registered fruit surveyor) joined the company in 1984 and is since 2003 managing director. He is well known for his knowledge of fruit and vegetables.

Drs. Stijn Verstijnen (Commercial director)
Stijn obtained a master degree in business administration at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam and subsequently became a Captain in the Royal Netherlands Marine Corps. In 2011 he became member of the HDG team and specialised in fruit surveying.

Both Rob and Stijn will lead HDG the fruit consultants from January 2016 on. They are obviously focusing on optimising client satisfaction and integrating the newest technologies into the provided services. Otto de Groot will remain being the owner of the company and continues to actively assist the new management by carrying out surveys, training staff and further develop client relations.  

PDF-Download: Press release (EN, NL, DE, ES)

Happy new year. 2016 is a special year for HDG – the fruit consultants.

Posted on February 13, 2015

And the winner is...

It was the happening of the year again. 65.000 individuals from 130 countries visited the Fruitlogistica in Berlin this year. As always, HDG did not miss the chance to attend this mega-event and dive even deeper into the market.

Several colleagues of HDG took the chance to meet potential and existing clients, promote HDG’s services and get a heads-up of the latest developments in the market.In the course of the trade fair, HDG was invited for a presentation hosted by Maersk for all surveyors to learn about their cooling system and to provide room for discussion. When participating in a quiz during this lecture, CEO and founder of HDG, Otto de Groot was able to contribute with his expertise and won the prize. Congrats!

It was the happening of the year again. 65.000 individuals from 130 countries visited the Fruitlogistica in Berlin this year.

Posted on January 6, 2015

Digitalizing Quality Control

At HDG we are always busy looking for ways to serve our customers better. Be it increasing the knowledge of our staff in the area of fruits and vegetables or improvements in the area of technology, we always try to take a leap forward. Due to recent developments in the sector and the increasing number of countries in which we operate, we had an IT partner create a digital quality platform exactly matching our needs and the needs of our clients. This, in turn, benefits the exchange of information in the supply chain and leaves no doubts about the quality of the produce.

This digital solution is not only meant to facilitate increased efficiency, quality and speed of processing QC results, but also enables us or our clients to carry out specific analyses. The system is easy to use. The program can import the available packing lists either manually or automatically. The results of the quality inspections are being entered in the system right then and there by means of a tablet and matched with the respective photographs and temperature recorders. Quality controls can be carried out based on different factors: exporter/brand, container, grower and type of packaging. The outcome of each inspection can be directly linked to warehouse management systems, making the information available to all parties right away. The output of the system consists of a summary, as well as a detailed overview for suppliers and producers. Concerning the visuals, the program can show the results based on the wishes of the customer (for example, based on color and quality scores).

All data generated can be statistically put into practice, meaning that by pressing one button the results can easily be analyzed. These analyses can be used to provide growers with product related information that may help to make decisions regarding crop management or provide insights on their post-harvest treatments. With this in place, the system allows one to determine at which point in time the quality of the produce deviated accordingly. This is not only very important information for the producer, but eventually also for the consumer.We are currently busy introducing this system personally with our clients. If you are interested in our services, please get in touch through +31(0)10- 2441414 or